Shyanne Clarke LHATO


of  Shyanne

communicator between humans + the universe.

To me, connecting with your soul, is discovering that you are magic. 

I create from a grounded, magical, sensual place. I love how it all comes together and that deep, enchanted explosion of my heart expanding when I do. Exploring my soul treasure and going on adventures with my guides is an exciting ride that I never expected to experience. Discovering + sharing this universal atlas feels bright and exciting. 

Each persons unique energy is fascinating and exciting to see. I have such love and deep excitement for someone who discovers and chooses to follow their soul whispers - whatever they may be.


I've always had a deep love of the ocean - one of my favourite things is when the sun reflects a thousand diamonds across the water. My other favourite thing is getting the giggles - the kind that even the laughing is funny and it lasts for 20 mins. I love feeling magic and that anything is possible. Creating beauty. I'm pretty good at my intuitive abilities. I've learnt a lot of things in my years earth side. I love the rush of excitement of discovering something new and understanding it through experience. I can read energy. I've created an oracle deck. i've written a book. I've made two beautiful kids with my spunky husband - who also reads energy - but the electrician style. I'm sure I'm actually a mermaid. If I could smell one thing for the rest of my life - its coconut. 


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What I  discover within

I'm often told I have strong mermaid energy... a mermaid lives in the sea of intuitive energies, seeking the greatest expression of herself. She has goddess energy, she is a healer of the heart and the ocean. She joyfully shares her calling and blessings with the world and can perceive the heart and intention of your soul. She will take you into your deep depths, never to return to life as you knew it before.  

forever enchanted with my soul weaving magical threads
— Shyanne Clarke