Why do we add light to our body for spiritual growth?

What is the point of adding light to your body?

Why are we trying to be light? Who decided light was good?

and dark was bad?

I'm not sure of the answer of any of that.

What I have noticed though, the more light I add to my body, the more I seem to understand myself, grasp more of life, the more I just feel good all over. I was given the word 'photosynthesis' in a dream with such an importance, but no understanding of what it meant until I started writing this post. I feel that the process that, just as plants, in a basic explanation, convert sunlight into food which nourishes their roots in the Earth, to then grown further - this is a process we do as well for our own growth, energetically + physically. When we bring in universal light and send it down to Mother Earth, she too is nourished and grows. 

When I transform the darkness within me to light, it feels like elation, a huge progress - alchemy. I don't think light is actually light. I think it is a vibration, a frequency, I see it as light, because that is what my human brain registers for now. But the light feels, well lighter. In my body. The dark feels dense, heavier. I seem to be able to expand light easily, but darkness expanding doesn't feel inherently right to expand.

I can be in the dark and still feel light. Like I am observing it, with no judgment, witnessing its behaviour, but I am in this state, to understand how it is helpful, its not bad per se, its just another version of the story created. Being afraid of the darkness, feels like that is what keeps you in the story, spiralling down. Noticing but not getting lost in whether its good or bad, staying true to yourself, your sovereignty, there is no fear in that, just presence and witnessing.

Why I add light without understanding the full story, the nitty gritty, the ins and outs of it all, well to date, its been the best thing I have done for myself to bring me back to myself. My life feels like life, I am thoroughly enjoying the wholeness of this human existence in all its spectrum, in a way that I haven't done since I was a child. It gives me hope, I am surprised and delighted and eager to see what new thing I will discover about myself and where this road is taking me. I'm not waiting for Friday, dreading Monday, wishing it was lunchtime.

I am living. And that for me is more valuable than anything. And all I did, was start adding more light to my body.