I am the messenger, you are the healer.

60 MIN

  • Distance Reiki Healing

  • Energy Reading

  • Messages from your Higher Self +/or Guides

  • Soul Activation/Integration and/or

  • Rainbow Light Expansion

  • Oracle Card Spread - from 'The Floral Oracle' deck

I have such a deep excitement and love for inspiring people to explore + align to their soul path. I'm so fascinated by your unique soul gifts, the synchronicity to discovering them + the vibe that emanates when you slide into that bursting light alignment of your soul.

How a session can look.

I remotely connect with your energy field and beam to you loving universal light, filling your physical, emotional + spiritual body, this is reiki. After this goodness fills you up + cleanses your field, I tune into your chakras + energy for any areas that would like to be seen. I ask for aligned guidance from your higher self and/or guides for where you are at, what you need to know + where you are going. If its aligned, I assist with a soul activation or integration and/or I send rainbow light for your expansion + alignment to help you connect with your soul self and raise your vibration. Finishing the session with a card spread from 'The Floral Oracle' deck.

I make notes along the way + share what I see, feel, hear or sense and email this all to you. We will continue to chat with what resonates for you after the session + to explore and expand on where you are at and where you might like to explore more of your self.

Each session is different with different outcomes but this is a general process I follow. What comes forth is what you are ready for + how open you are to receive.

Lots of magic can happen in these sessions + its so fun to witness and feel your essence.


‘Shyanne this reading blew my hair back. I had to sit long and hard to try and think through how I could articulate the effect this had on me – I could feel the resonance in every cell of my body. You spoke to visuals I couldn’t have dreamt of in my wildest dreams, yet everything you spoke of I could see it in glorious detail. My soul whispering ‘yes, yes, yes’.’ - Kate Webster

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