I am the messenger, you are the healer. 

3 x 60 MIN sessions

The greatest and most valuable thing I have learnt in my entire life, is how to trust and know my own intuition. It isn't wishy washy, there is a mechanics behind this soulful guidance. When I think about what I know now, I feel like I've discovered I'm magic. 

  • What's your body telling you?
  • How does your emerging self feel?
  • what are your next steps?
  • what is your soul wanting to create?
  • where do you need to heal? Do you need to heal or is it time for action? 
  • who are you really? Do you know?

These are all things you know the answer to. 

Feeling the vibration of you and aligning to you is part of manifesting your souls deepest desire. 

YOU know the way, YOU know what you need, YOU know what to do next

Sometimes you just need a little help remembering, remembering how clever and amazing you are. 

'Soul Chats' are 3 sessions that are guided by what you need at the time. Maybe you need a bit of clarity, a bit of remembering, someone to talk to, a bit of guidance. I'm here to hold space for you if you need. What I would really love, is to help you to remember your magic + see you bloom into your most beautiful version and align to your souls path. You really truly can have whatever your heart desires. 

These sessions are usually done over Skype, but can be done in person if you are on the Sunshine Coast. 

They may include:

  • Guidance with connecting and trusting your intuition
  • Clarity for where you are at
  • A cheerleader for your dreams when others might not get it
  • Support/ space holding
  • Distance Reiki Healing
  • Energy Reading
  • Messages from your Higher Self +/or Guides
  • Soul Activation/Integration and/or
  • Rainbow Light Expansion 
  • Oracle Card Spread - from 'The Floral Oracle' deck

I have such a deep excitement and love for inspiring people to explore + align to their soul path. I'm so fascinated by your unique soul gifts, the synchronicity to discovering them + the vibe that emanates when you slide into that bursting light alignment of your soul.


Each session is different with different outcomes. What comes forth is what you are ready for + how open you are to receive. 


Lots of magic can happen in these sessions + I love getting to know you on a soul level.  

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