'THE FLORAL ORACLE' 42 card deck

'THE FLORAL ORACLE' 42 card deck


The Floral Oracle


42 oracle card deck

96 page guide book

hand sewn + designed 'self love' pouch

She has been a beautiful, crazy, year long adventure to bring to life. When she first knocked I was hesitant but excited. I want to rush to bring her to life, but she made me wait + wait + wait. I've had to upgrade and transition and learn and grow and cry and ..... really just about anything in between to get her here... its been a slow but rewarding gift.

This deck is fresh, harmonising, uplifting, happy, expanding + light. She emanates an awareness of your light and harmonises your energy. She has a helping depth, touching within, aligning and grounding. She opens a path, a path, a thread, she leads and uplifts.

Each card is illustrated with magic weaved throughout, in colour and black and white, for the union of light and grounding, sun and moon, earth and sea. Each message channelled to bring forth a message to align to your soul.

She works best when you draw a spread and allow this unique vibration sequence to permeate + uplift your energy across all your layers. A magical spread with all the feels.


‘This baby is now my go-to deck for daily guidance – I can literally feel the gorgeous energy in each card’ - Kate Webster

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